Remembering Richard Dix (1893-1949)

There are many aspects of the life and career of stage and screen actor Richard Dix which many consider exceptional. One of the most extraordinary was the longevity of his film career which spanned three decades and over 100 motion pictures. Another is his surprising versatility. Although he is best remembered as an action adventure star, he appeared in all movie genres, successfully transitioning from matinee idol of the silent era, to sturdy action hero of the 1930's, to character player during the 1940's. He made an impact in each phase, leaving us many fine performances to remember him by. Today his work in seven of the eight motion pictures which comprise the Whistler series (1944-48) is often cited as some of his best. Mr. Dix has a 32 page profile in my book, The Whistler: Stepping Into the Shadows. Included in the biography are personal remembrances from his son Robert.

This photo is of a scene from the 6th film in the series. THE SECRET OF THE WHISTLER (1946) in which Dix portrayed a faithless artist whose plot to off his wealthy wife (played by veteran character actress Mary Currier) has unforeseen consequences.


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